Today In History: September 8, 1961

1. Mr. Ekpo Bassey

On this day, a 27 year old Nigerian, Mr. Ekpo Bassey, who was on a monthly salary of nine pounds at the Health Department, Ikeja, Lagos won 5, 990 pounds, 15 shiilings and 6 pence on Zetters Football Pools for a stake of a farthing. Mr. Bassey, a native of Calabar, was overwhelmed with joy when a cablegram from the Daily Times correspondent in London was shown to him at his Ikeja office. The man, who was married with two children, both boys, told people that he was grateful to God for His mercies on him and his family. He recounted his difficulties since he came to Lagos from Calabar in 1967, one of which was his inability to further his studies due to limited financial resources and which made him look for a job in 1962 when he joined the Health Department in Ikeja as a cleaner.


2. Niger pools at Ibadan

On this day, it was a big outing day for the Niger pools at Ibadan when a cheque for 2,168 pounds, 4 shillings was presented to an Inspector of Local Government Police, Mr. S.A. Oje as his winnings on the S-treble Chance Pool.

Mr. Oje, who had spent 21 years in the Local Government Police at the time, told the people that he would spend the money on the education of his six children.


3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth

On this day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations announced, that five members of Malayan Parliament would pay a seven-day visit to Nigeria in the course of the month.




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