Today In History: September 7, 1961

1. sailors push Raheem Yusuf

On this day, a Nigerian dockworker, Mr. Augustine Alfred, told the Lagos Assizes that he saw four Chinese sailors push Raheem Yusuf, another dockworker, overboard a ship “Merchant Prince” into the lagoon.

According to Alfred, two of the Chinese sailors were fighting with Raheem Yusuf while the other two were holding different weapons including an iron pipe to push him overboard.

Mr. Alfred was giving evidence in the charge of murder preferred against the four Chinese sailors whose names were given as Chun Fung, Chun Fat, Lo Ngan and So Yung. He (Alfred) said that when Raheem had fallen overboard, they started to throw pebbles at him until he drowned. “I begged them not to throw pebbles at him but they did not listen to me,” he said. He added that when one canoe man wanted to rescue Raheem, two of the tally clerks who were working in the ship warned him (canoe man) not to rescue him claiming that he (Raheem) was a thief.




2. Mr. BabatunjiOlowofoyeku

On this day, Chief D.A.O. Oguntoye, President of the Ilesha Grade “A” Customary Court, referred the constitutional issues raised by an Ilesha lawyer, Mr. BabatunjiOlowofoyeku, on the appointment of a Superintendent-General of Local Government Police, Western Nigeria, to the High Court which in turn, may decide to refer it to the Federal Supreme Court, for determination.

The issue which was the first of its kind ever to be so referred by any court of law in the Region was that: “Whether or not the provisions of sections 13 to 19 of the Local Government Police Law, Cap 70 Laws of Western Nigeria, regarding the establishment and functions of a Superintendent-General of Local Government Police is not contrary to section 98 of the constitution of the Federation of Nigeria, and accordingly ultra vires the said constitution.”








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