TODAY IN HISTORY: September 29

September 29, 1961

On this day, the Prime Minister, Alhaji Sir Abubarkar Tafawa Balewa , appealed for peace and tolerance among the people of  the country. He emphasized the need for all the Governments of the Federation to regard themselves as one because “we are all out to achieve the same goal – to build a strong and united country which is economically sound.”

In his independence message on a Friday preceding the Sunday independence day for the year, the Prime Minister said, “As we enter the second year of independence, I appeal for unity and tolerance. The federal system of government which we are operating is in any country complicated but with patience and understanding on the part of those who are called upon to lead, the system can be operated successfully. I am full of hope for the future because the leaders are aware of their responsibilities and Nigeria has a prosperous future. I pray that this will continue to be so; I also pray that freedom and liberty which every citizen enjoys in Nigeria will continue to be the same throughout.”

“There may be occasions for provocation but I will feel that in the end all Nigerians will agree that modesty and tolerance do not mean weakness either on the part of government or individuals. It is most important that all Governments in the Federation should regard themselves as one because we are all out to achieve the same goal, that is, to build a strong and united country which is economically sound. The Governments should regard a challenge to the authority of any one of them as a challenge to them all. I hope that in all our places of worship, prayers would be said for continued peace and happiness of Nigeria.”



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