Today In History: September 26th

September 26, 1967

On this day, Nigeria objected to Ghana and the Gambia raising the question of Nigeria’s internal problems in the General Assembly. That was “incompatible with respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nigeria, and is not a step calculated to promote Africa’s unity.” Chief Simeon Adebo, the Nigerian delegate, said in a right of reply to the Assembly. He objected in particular to a suggestion by the Gambian Foreign Minister, Alhaji A. D. N’Jle that the time had come to explore some form of international mediation to solve the Nigerian crisis.

The Ghanaian delegate, Mr. J. W. K. Hartley, noted the efforts of the Organisation for African Unity (OAU) to send peace mission to Nigeria. But Chief Adebo explained that the mission was not one of mediating.

Also on September 26, 1967, Lt. Col. Samuel Ogbemudia, the military administrator of the Mid-West, announced in Benin that students of Mid-West origin who were stranded in the state following the six-week rebel occupation were to be flown to their respect institutions in that particular week. The administrator was addressing a gathering of chiefs and ward representatives at the launching of the civil defence activities for Benin. He was cheered as he appeared in battle dress. He said that arrangements to fly the students had been concluded.

Lt. Col. Ogbemudia advised all the affected students to register their names as quickly as possible with the secretary to the military government. Earlier, the administrator loudly cheered as he set protocol aside and addressed the gathering in the Bini language instead of the usual English language. He assured his audience that Emeka Ojukwu rebel soldiers had been swept out of Benin City and other affected areas of the Mid-West. “They are gone, and God forbids their coming back,” he said.

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