Today In History: September 11th

September 11, 1961

On this day, the Prime Minister, Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, said that the Nigerian Government would assist the leader of the United National Independence Party of Northern Rhodesia, Mr. Kenneth Kaunda. The Prime Minister was speaking to newsmen after his 90-minute discussions and luncheon with Mr. Kaunda who was in Lagos at the time. Also present at the discussion was the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations, Mr. Jaja Wachukwu, who stated that he had friendly discussions with Mr. Kaunda. The minister declared, “I learnt as much as I can on the situation in Northern Rhodesia. I got a lot of information from him to help us how to assist in finding solutions to the problem in such a complicating constitution.”
Asked what sort of assistance the Federal Government would render, the Prime Minster remarked, “We are ready to assist in any form possible.” On his impression after his meeting with the Prime Minister, Mr. Kaunda said that he had a “very moving experience.” He said further, “I came here because I thought I would be among friends, and what I have seen underlines the point that human approach is the only way for such problem.”

September 11, 1961

On this day, there was a dramatic turn in the Ibadan Chief Magistrate’s Court in the trial of the 42 persons arrested in the house of Mr. R.O.A. Akinjide, NCNC member of the Nigerian Parliament, on charges of unlawful assembly when four of them changed their plea of not guilty to that of guilty. The four men – Lawani Akanmu, Yisau Buraimoh, Muibi Adigun, and John Laditi – who were represented at the trial on that day by Chief Mojeed Agbaje, were later fined 10 shillings each on a charge of unlawful assembly.

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