October 4, 1962

On this day, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the Governor-General of Nigeria and Chancellor of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, appealed to Nsukka students undergraduates to endeavour to exercise “rigid self-discipline and self-control which are essential to constructive leadership and which could only come from within”.

Speaking at the special convocation of the third year of the University in the Princess Alexandra Auditorium, Nsukka, Dr. Azikiwe declared: “Undergraduates cannot afford to break faith with the under-privileged millions who look up to them to set a worthy example.” He said further that an attempt was being made to blend the best of the known ideas of university education by providing for the broadening of North Staffordshire in Keele, England.

“Naturally, our pattern is based on the satisfying of the needs of Nigeria in the present stage of development with an objective of planning for a fuller and more abundant life for the many instead of the few.”

October 4, 1962

On this day, Alhaji S.O. Gbadamosi, treasurer of the Action Group, told the Coker Inquiry into six statutory corporations of the suspended Western Nigeria Government, in Lagos, that he bought a landed property worth 24, 026 pounds from Chief Obafemi Awolowo, leader of the Action Group, in 1959, when Chief Awolowo was in financial difficulty. He said he bought the property after Chief Awolowo had approached some party leaders including him, and explained that he (Chief Awolowo) was broke. He said he would like to sell some of his property.

Alhaji Gbadamosi said he then offered to buy some of the property and paid the money to Chief Awolowo by four installments. He added that on March 24, 1959, he paid 2, 000 pounds; on July 6, 1959 18, 000 pounds; August 1, 1959, 4, 000 pounds; and in January, 1961, 26 pounds 5 shillings, all totaling 24,026 pounds, 5 shillings.


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