Today In History : July 5 – July 7

July 5, 1968: Belgium banned sale of arms to the Federal Government


July 5, 1993: The Welfare and Passport section of Nigerian Embassy in London gutted by fire


July 5-7, 1993: Protest by thousand of youths mostly in the south-western states and cities. Police and military forces deployed to contain violence turn their weapons on peaceful protestors and innocent passers-by. Army sent to Lagos streets. CD estimated more than 100 demonstrators killed by security forces throughout the country.


July 6 1967: The Nigerian Civil War popularly known as the ‘Biafran War’ broke out


July 6, 2005: An Air France A330 plane crashed into a herd of cattle at Port Harcourt airport sustaining serious damage and killing many of the cows. The airport had no perimeter fence and herdsmen usually take their cattle across the tarmac, sometimes abandoning them there.


July 7, 1964: Sir Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the Prime Minister of Nigeria, arrived in London for the Commonwealth Prime Minister’s Conference.


July 7, 1988: Federal Government proscribed Academic Union of Universities (ASUU)

ASUU gives conditions to end ongoing strike

July 7, 1990: SDP national chairman, Tony Anenih, indicated that he was willing to sacrifice Abiola to preserve the SDP’s share of National Assembly seats and governorships



July 7, 1998: Abiola died in detention of a heart disease, before he could be released in a general amnesty for political prisoners, a week after he spoke with Nigerian officials and senior U.S. diplomats about how to resolve the country’s five-year-old political crisis. Rioting in Lagos led to over 60 deaths.

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