Today In History: July 2 – 4

July 2, 1979: New currency notes of three denominations, namely, (N1), (N5), and (N10) were introduced.

July 3, 1986: Second Republic President Shehu Shagari and his Vice, Dr. Alex Ekwueme were released from prison having been cleared of charges of corruption in January


July 3 1998: Nigeria’s new military government confirmed that they intend to release the country’s political prisoners, including Moshood Abiola.


July 4, 1983: The NPP Presdential candidate, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, said that no nation on earth could successfully operate a free education scheme where 60 percent of its budget would go into education alone.

July 4, 1992: In National Assembly elections, the SDP won 52 senatorial seats and the NRC takes 37, with two seats to be filled later. In the House of representatives, the SDP secured 314 seats, while the NRC wins 275, with four seats to be filled later

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