Today In History: July 1

July 1, 1940:

Sir John Evelyn Shuckburgh became the Governor of Nigeria and ruled till 1942


July 1, 1959:

The Central Bank of Nigeria issued the Nigerian currency notes and coins and the West African Currency Board notes and coins were withdrawn.

Nigerian Currency Notes

July 1, 1964:

Chief Obafemi Awolowo lost appeal in the Supreme Court

Chief Obafemi Awolowo lose appeal in Court

July 1, 1987:

AFRC released white paper on political bureau’s recommendations but rejecting the notion of ‘welfare state.

July 1, 1990:

Chief Anyaoku of Nigeria and first African Secretary-General of the Commonwealth assumed office


July 1, 1993:

British Foreign Secretary, Douglas Hurd, froze new aids to Nigeria……

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