OCTOBER 9,1967



On this day, Britain’s Deputy High Commissioner for the Eastern States of Nigeria, Mr. Jim Parker left the East for the Cameroun Republic. According to a British spokesman in Lagos, the Deputy High Commissioner arrived at a town called Lobe in the Cameroun with five of his staff, one of them Mr. C.W.F. Dester, a diplomat.

The spokesman said Mr. Parker had to leave the East because “In the circumstances existing there, he could not carry out his proper functions.” Mr. Parker had earlier evacuated his mission from Enugu to Port-Harcourt in the wake of the advance Federal troops on Enugu. The spokesman said further that Mr. Parker left Port-Harcourt for Oron, 13 nautical miles from Calabar – and later by lunch for Lobe in the Cameroun.

The British Council’s regional representative in the Eastern States, Mr. O.E. Tribe and his wife, left Port-Harcourt for the Cameroun as well and his assistant, Mr. R.I.T. Sykes.

Meanwhile, also on October 9, 1967, the British Deputy High Commissioner in the Western States, Mr. J.E. Smallwood, said that Britain’s faith would remain unshaken about the future of Nigeria as a great African country. He made the remark on this day in Ibadan during the presentation ceremony of gifts of cookery and glassware estimated at 300 pounds from his home government to the Young Women Christian Association. Mr. Smallwood said that the gifts were just a token of the affection and high esteem in which Nigeria was held by Britain.

Also on this day, an American spokesman in Lagos said that American consulate formerly in Enugu, had moved to Port-Harcourt. According to the spokesman, the consulate and his mission had to stay on in Port-Harcourt to look after Americans still in the territory.

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