October 6, 1962


On this day, Colonel Hassan Usman Katsina, chairman of the interim administrative council of Northern States, declared in Lagos that the capture of rebel headquarters at Enugu was not the end of the rebellion. “We still have a big catch to make – that is, Emeka Ojukwu.” Colonel, Katsina was addressing newsmen at Ikeja Airport before he flew to Kaduna after a brief visit to Lagos.

On the chances of the Federal Government getting the rebel leader, Colonel Katsina said he was optimistic. He said he did not think Ojukwu’s lieutenants and collaborators would allow him to get away. “If they did, they would be foolish,” he added. Asked what would be the fate of Ojukwu if caught, Colonel Katsina said that he could not make any comment on that.  “That is for the Commander-in-Chief and the legal boys to decide, he added.” He said that with the capture of Enugu, the government had to make establishment of the three states in the East, a reality. He expressed appreciation to all media of information (those who had sent reporters to the war fronts as well as those who had been unable to do so. “They have been of tremendous help to us by giving full publicity to our efforts to preserve this country.” He also expressed thanks to everybody – soldiers, civilians and infact to all who had contributed physically and morally to the war efforts.


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