October 24th, 1885

October 24, 1885

On this day, Mahinland received the protection of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom by treaty, becoming part of the British Empire.

Mahinland, was quite briefly a German Protectorate under Emperor Wilhelm I. Then, it used to be described as a marshland with little or no resources.

On January 29, 1885, Mahin was sold by the King of Mahin to a German subject, Herr G. L. Gaiser for 5 pieces of silk, 5 puncheons of rum, 100 cases of gin, £20 and an eagle-crested staff that read “König der Mahin. On the  March 11, 1885, a Treaty was signed by the King of Mahin with the German Commissioner and Consul-General for the West Coast of Africa, Dr. Nachtigal, for extending a German Protectorate over Mahin and Mahin Beach, but it was not ratified by the German Emperor.

However, following the declaration at the Berlin Conference of February 26, 1885, a British Protectorate was on June 5, 1885, proclaimed over Nigeria from Lagos to the right bank of the Rio dey Rey. To give effect to the proclamation, there was the need for the British legal occupation of the Ilaje country contiguous with Lagos which already was a British colony. Thus, on October 24, 1885, at the Mahin town of Aboto, a Treaty of Friendship and Protection, whereby the Amapetu and his country, including the land called Atijere and all portions of his country bounded by the sea were taking under the gracious protection of the Queen. This was signed between Lieutenant Governor Brandford Griffith as envoy of Queen Victoria of England and the Amapetu of Mahin. On the same day, another Treaty was signed, for the cession of the Beach or Coast-line belonging to the Amapetu in which reference was made to the Deed of sale previously granted to Mr.G. I. Gaiser.

October 24, 1962
On October 24, 1962, the Government Press in Rabat, Morocco, accused Nigeria of bad faith and of jumping to false conclusions in its reactions to Morocco’s election to the United Nations Security Council. Referring to statements reported to have been made by Mr. Jaja Wachukwu, the Nigerian Foreign Affairs minister, after Nigeria failed to get elected to the Security Council, the Government daily, ‘La Natiton Africaine’, denied Morocco had been elected by a coalition of Whites.
“These statements in bad faith, give us an opportunity to recall that Morocco took the vacant seat with the support of the Arab League and the Afro-Asian countries, and that it is determined to defend both Arab and African interests,” the paper said.
Also on this day, the Head of State, Major General Yakubu Gowon, declared that it was a matter for regret that pockets of colonialism still remained in Rhodesia and some Portuguese held territories of Africa.
In a broadcast to the nation on occasion of the United Nations day, the Commander-in-Chief said it was hoped that the unceasing efforts of the United Nations as set out in various resolutions would bear fruits in the removal of these pockets of colonialism.
He commended the invaluable role of the organisation in the efforts towards the total liberation of the African continent from the evil of apartheid and colonialism.
Major General Gowon added that the commendable record of the United Nations in the realisation of the political goals and aspirations of dependent peoples had been a matter of profound satisfaction to all.

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