October 13th In History

October 13, 1867

On this day, serious fighting erupted between Christians and traditionalists in Abeokuta, which resulted in the expulsion of the missionaries from the town. The Egbas were protesting the increasing influence of western culture and a land encroachment in Ikorodu led by the Lagos governor, Glover. Believing the missionary white men in Abeokuta actually connived with the colonial government of Lagos against the Egba army, a large number of Egbas, led by Solanuke, the Balogun of Abeokuta, mobbed Christian worshippers in Abeokuta in the Sunday morning of that day and compelled them to leave the town. The traditionalists went on rampage and damaged European symbols such as churches and missions, a few Saros were also expelled from Egbaland.

It was a sad occurrence as it retarded for a long period the development of the town. Rev. Henry Townsend’s printing press in Abeokuta was razed by Egba people due to the clash. This brought an end to Iwe Irohin, the first newspaper in Nigeria because it had to be stopped especially, since its publisher, Henry Townsend, was among those expelled.


October 13, 1967

On this day, the Military Governor of Lagos State, Lt. Col. Mobolaji Johnson, announced that the Lagos State was to have an interim advisory committee pending the setting up of an executive council for the State. The committee, according to the governor would comprise 20 representatives drawn from all the four administrative divisions of the State.

Announcing this in Lagos on that day, Lt. Col. Johnson said that the committee would comprise seven representatives from the city of Lagos, five from Ikeja division, and four each from Badagry and Epe divisions.

The Governor, who was addressing the obas, chiefs and representatives of the Lagos State, said that the committee would be as representative as possible and that each of the areas would nominate its own representatives. He said that the committee would study the various issues which confronted, and were likely to confront Lagos State and advise him from time to time. “The committee may, among other things, let me have its views on chieftaincy matters and on economic, social and political matters”, he added.

He declared, “The interim advisory committee is assured that every advice received will be given careful consideration and that any decision taken will be in the interest of Lagos State and of all its people.” He disclosed that much progress had been made in administrative, legal and financial spheres to put the State on a sound foundation. That, he said, followed contacts he had with the Military Governor of Western State, Brigadier Adeyinka Adebayo and his officials on the smooth, effective and efficient transfer of powers. Much is also being accomplished on the Federal Government side, where fruitful discussions are going on between my officials and those of the Federal Military Government”, he added.

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