October 10, 1967


On this day, the military governor of Western State, Brigadier Adeyinka Adebayo gave the order banning all forms of merriment, including parties in Western State until further notice. According to the order issued in Ibadan on this day, the governor said that it had come to his notice that some people in the state continued to hold public social engagements in spite of appeals against such.

The governor added that if the order was defiled, the police would be given power to deal firmly with anybody or group of people found to be responsible. He said that the current period at the time was a trying and crucial period in the history of the country, a period when the Federal troops were fighting to preserve Nigeria as one.

Brigadier Adebayo said that he had also observed that there were still too many lights left on at night in homes and offices in the state, and reminded the people that the ban on bright lights at night was still in force. The people and commercial concerns were warned not to make use of their advertising lights including those at petrol filling stations. The governor advised that people should draw their window blinds fully at night.

October 10, 1967

On this day, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Federal Commissioner for Information and Labour flew to London after a two-day visit to Rome. He said he was going to London mainly to reorganize Nigeria’s information services there so that it could disseminate more effectively a true picture of the situation in this country.  Chief  Enahoro told a press conference in Rome that his government was unhappy about the way the Nigerian situation had been reported in the foreign press.



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