November 6, 1967



On this day, an edict was published in Lagos setting up a Pilgrims Welfare Board for Lagos State. The edict stated that the board would comprise a chairman, Mr. I.O. Agoro, the legal secretary to the Lagos State Government and five other members.

The board was charged with the responsibilities for the protection and safeguarding of the interests and welfare of Lagos State people making the pilgrimage to and returning from Mecca and Medina. The board would also be responsible for the welfare of pilgrims who might be stranded in the course of their pilgrimage. It would be the duty of the board, according to the edict, to make suitable arrangements for the transportation and accommodation of pilgrims from the Lagos State for assisting them in matters relating to health, immigration and currency requirements.

The establishment of that board was a replacement, in the context of the Lagos State, to the Western Nigeria Pilgrims Welfare Board.

A separate edict, also published on this day, stated that the board had assumed exclusive responsibility for travelling arrangements for Lagos State Pilgrims. Persons wishing to be appointed and licensed as “travelling agents” were invited to apply to the board. According to the edict, only those producing one or two sureties in the sum of 500 pounds would be considered for licensing. The edict warned that it would be an offence punishable by a fine of 25 pounds or two months imprisonment in the alternative for anyone not duly licensed to book the passage of any intending pilgrim or make any arrangements for such pilgrims whether or not for gain or reward.


Also on this day, Dr. C.O. Ifeagwu, former ambassador for Nigeria in the Soviet Union, resigned from the public service of the Federation. According to an official gazette published in Lagos on this day, Dr. Ifeagwu resignation took effect from August 22 of the previous year. He was replaced by Lt. Colonel George Kurubo.


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