November 3, 2011

On this day, personnel of the State Security Service arrested Ali Sanda Umar Konduga, a purported Boko Haram spokesman, who used the alias Usman al-Zawahiri. In a confession, Konduga claimed he was employed by Ali Ndume, a then PDP senator from Borno State, who he reportedly said recruited him to send threatening messages to his political adversaries. Konduga’s statement also implicated Nigeria’s former ambassador to São Tomé and Principe and form PDP chairman, Borno State, Sa’idu Pindar.
It was later to be discovered that Konduga was only used against Senator Ali Ndume who insisted that his sole contact with the Boko Haram was as a member of the Presidential Committee on Security Challenges in the North East Zone (the Usman Galtimari Committee), and a Borno Senator with a stake in the state’s security.

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