November 29, 1967

On this day, a Nigerian war ship – NNS Kaduna – sailed into Lagos port whereas the rebel pirate radio continued to claim that the ship had been destroyed by them at Bonny. Captain N.B. Soroh, deputy chief of naval staff told newsmen in Lagos on this day during an inspection of the ship that the ship was on patrol at Bonny on the afternoon of November 22 when a rebel aircraft believed to be a B25 dropped what appeared to be a napalm bomb or one made from a mixture of phosphoros and other chemicals.

He said as the bomb fell on the sea, it exploded and spread huge fire on the water.

Captain Soroh explained further that there were slight casualties on the Federal side when fire on the starboard of the ship was being put out.

Although he was not specific but he denied rebel claim that some thirty (30) Nigerians were killed. “The ship sailed to Lagos on her own last Saturday,” Captain Soroh added. Repair work, he said, had started on the part of the ship that was affected by the bombing’s fire “The ship is still fully operational,” he added.

The NNS Kaduna at the Apapa Naval Base on this day

N.B. Soroh

Also on this day, the head of the Federal Military Government, Major-General Yakubu Gowon, said that he would stop the present military operations at the time if anybody or group of people from the East Central state signified intention to cooperate with the Federal Military Government.

He declared, “If I see anybody in that group prepared to work with me, there will be a quick end to the campaign.” Major-General Gowon was speaking in Lagos on this day when he was receiving in audience the outgoing resident representative of the United Nations Development Programme, Mr. Robert M. Macy, who paid a farewell call on him.

Robert M. Macy


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