Historic Newspaper Headlines: June 9, 1998 – May 30, 1999



June 9, 1998

-Abacha dies, buried

-Abubakar is new Head of State

-EU, US, Abiola’s daughter react, call for democracy

June 10, 1998  

-Abubakar speaks – We’ll go on Oct 1


June 11, 1998              

-Abubakar’s speech unacceptable          – Umar, Soyinka, others

-Igbos want political parties dissolved


June 12, 1998

-Ojukwu eyes Presidency

-Handing over date stays -Usman


June 13, 1998  

-Exiles shun Abubakar’s call

…We’ll still fight the military

-What will Abubakar do?


June 15, 1998              

-Dissolve NECON, others – Parties tell Abubakar

-Don’t alter transition.- M.D. Yusufu

-Catholic Bishops offer to reconcile govt, opposition


June 16, 1998

-Obasanjo, Dasuki, Ige, Kokori, 5 others released


June 17, 1998

-NADECO writes Abubakar, seeks dialogue, MKO’s release

June 18, 1998

-Parties to Abubakar: Extend transition, cancel elections

-I’m willing to serve – Obasanjo


June 19, 1998

-Ige back in Ibadan, demands apology from FG


June 20, 1998

-I’ve forgiven Abacha – Dasuki


June 21, 1998

-FG moves to normalise ties with Western countries


June 22, 1998

-Abubakar meets traditional rulers today


June 23, 1998

-Abacha’s death’ll quicken democracy – Bola Ige

-Don’t extend transition  – UNCP

-US group advocates two-tier transition


June 24, 1998

-Legislators-elect oppose FG’s parley with party leaders

-I’ll respect human rights – Abubakar

-Transition: Lack of parties’ consensus worries FG


June 25, 1998  

-Consultations: Yorubas insists on Unity Govt

-Igbos want military out on Oct 1


June 26, 1998

-Ex-governor seeks adoption of six zonal structure


June 27, 1998

-Obasanjo may travel to US

-Rimi, Falae, Lamido, 14 others freed


June 28, 1998

-Abubakar, Ekwueme group hold talks


June 29, 1998

-Igbo groups in US, seek early return to democracy


June 30, 1998

-Sack party executives – Shagari

–Asks military to quit on Oct. 1

-Consultations: Onyearugbulem did not invite us – Afenifere




July 1, 1998

-Kofi Annan, Abubakar parley over Abiola’s freedom


July 2, 1998

-Nigerians are tired of military rule, says Annan.


July 3, 1998

-Anyaoku confirms release of MKO, others soon.

-Gani, NADECO allege foul play.


July 4, 1998

-Abiola: June 12 and deal for freedom


July 5, 1998

-With or without Abiola: Struggle for June 12 continues – exiles, NADECO, others insist


July 6, 1998

-Freedom for Abiola: FG blames delay on opposition


July 7, 1998

-PRC decides on MKO, transition.

-IBB says no to politics


July 8, 1998

-MKO dies

– How he died

-Obasanjo, Okogie, Agbakoba, others react

July 9, 1998

-Abubakar pleads for calm, laments the loss


July 10, 1998

-US, Soyinka blame death on FG


July 11, 1998   

-ABIOLA: (1937-1998)


July 12, 1998   

-M.K.O’s death threatens Nigerian unity

July 13, 1998

-Way out of political crisis – Gani


July 14,1998

-Umar blames nation’s woe on past leadership

-Ohaneze-Ndigbo laments          marginalisation


July 15, 1998

-NADECO insists on Govt of Natioanal Unity

-G-34 forms political party


July 16, 1998

-NADECO wants 2-year unity govt

-Forget presidency now, Balarabe Musa tells Northerners

-FG scraps transition agencies


July 17, 1998

-Obasanjo, Soyinka differ on Oct 1

-G-34 splits over June 12

  • As Afenifere insists on shift of power to South

-JACON, NADECO on war path over unity govt


July 18, 1998

-After Abiola’s death: The way forward by Falae, Ciroma, Gana, Kokori, Adegbite, JACON


July 19, 1998

-Igbos receive Gowon’s apology with caution


July 20, 1998

-Interest groups storm Abuja ahead of Abubakar’s broadcast




July 21, 1998

-Army quits on May 29, 1999

– Abubakar

… rejects unity govt

-Olajumoke, Ige, Agbakoba,      Iwuanyanwu react


July 22, 1998

– Braithwaite, others float new parties

-UK, Anyaoku hail Abubakar’s speech

– LG’s Accounts frozen


July 23, 1998

  • Soyinka, pro-democracy groups launch fresh attacks on new transition

– Ciroma renews presidential bid

  • Shinkafi back in politics, too


July 24, 1998

– Consultations in frenzy as Ekwueme hosts Eastern leaders

– NADECO won’t boycott transition



July 25, 1998

-Fallout of Abubakar’s speech: It’s painful but we won’t give up –Lament legislators-elect whose mandates were annulled

-Return of heavyweights

-Political gladiators jostle for power


July 26, 1998

-Igbos will not beg again            – Ojukwu


July 27, 1998

-Northern politicians okay Obasanjo for president

-Transition: Igbos list conditions for participation


July 28, 1998

-Yar’Adua’s associates float party

-South-West politicians warned over

Ciroma, Shinkafi, Tukur.


July 29, 1998

-Ige, Umar, Ezeife, others float party

  • As progressives regroup

-Why FG chose May 29 exit date

-ANC, PDM, begin merger talks


July 30, 1998

-ANC, SPP, others begin merger talks


July 31, 1998

-Ekwueme, Ciroma, Rimi, others to form party

-Ezeife, Falae, others re-float PPP




August 1, 1998

-Transition: Igbo coalition may split


August 2, 1998

-Six presidential aspirants emerge


August 3, 1998

-Presidency: Ezeife takes on Ciroma

-Activists may float political party

-Rotational presidency unacceptable      –Rimi


August 4, 1998

-What the Yoruba want in Nigeria

…demand regional army; reject slavery


August 5, 1998

-Saraki, Adedibu, others back Afenifere

-Minorities abroad reject new transition


August 6, 1998

– North opposes power shift


August 7, 1998

-G-34 becomes party on Aug 19

-New electoral body named


August 8, 1998

-NADECO abroad backs regionalism


August 10,1998

-IBB opposes power shift

-Northern domination not beneficial to Northerners – Balarabe


August 11, 1998

-Power shift non-negotiable

-Ex-Gov. (Borno)


August 12, 1998           

-INEC won’t take dictation from govt      – Akpata


August 13, 1998

-South unites on power shift

-INEC meets political groups on Aug19


August 14, 1998

-Only power shift can save Nigeria


August 15, 1998           

-Oppose Yoruba and perish – Ige

-Why Awo is still relevant


August 16, 1998

-‘Only people like Ojukwu can tame the military’


August 17, 1998

-Shagari’s son backs power shift

-Abubakar visits Ibadan today


August 18, 1998

-Unite if you want power

*Ciroma tells South


August 19, 1998

-I’ll back credible Southerners – Tukur


August 20, 1998           

-INEC, groups differ on party registration


August 21, 1998

-Probe Buhari, IBB, others, Gani beg court


August 22, 1998

-Abubakar begs Abiolas


August 23, 1998

-Fresh offensive against military: Churches will resist coups – Mbang


August 24, 1998

-Ige, Ekwueme, Ciroma christen party on Aug. 31


August 25, 1998

-INEC releases guidelines today

-Mandela lauds transition programmes


August 26

-Nigerians elect president on Feb. 99

-Only 11 days to Presidential campaign


August 27, 1998

-Reactions to INEC guidelines

-Aso Rock still not vacant

– Ojukwu

-G-34 becomes Peoples Democratic Party

  • As PCF backs out


August 28, 1998

-Parties scramble for registration

  • NDM, CA obtain forms


August 29, 1998

-Akpata must resign now –Gani


August 30, 1998

-Split of G-34: Ezeife blasts Ekwueme


August 31, 1998

-Obasanjo begins presidential campaign




September 1, 1998

-APP collects form, reaches out to Yusufu


September 2, 1998

-G-34 set to woo back Bola Ige


September 3, 1998

-Obasanjo opposes regional armies, gives conditions for peace

– Abacha politicians storm APP rally.

-Why progressives, conservatives merge – Arzika


September 4, 1998

-APP to meet on Adelabu, Saraki, Olajumoke, others


September 5, 1998

-Igbo group blasts Northern Leaders

  • Your records have been disastrous!

…Why the North rules – Lamido


September 6, 1998

-Presidency: Obasanjo joins the race

-INEC demands N1b for transition


September 7, 1998

-Tofa, Jakande join APP

-Presidency: Bola Ige, Akinloye, Akinjide to contest


September 8, 1998

-Regional armies’ll break Nigeria -Abubakar

-Yorubas in US back regional commands


September 9, 1998

-Power shift: APP splits

… Afenifere pulls out

-Power shift: South needs North’s support – Aluko


September 10

– Why we pulled out of APP

-Falae, Ige, Adesanya

  • Two more groups follow suit


September 12, 1998

-How Iwuanyanwu, Saraki, Nzeribe hijacked APP


September 13, 1998

-Soyinka, Enahoro want Adedibu, Nzeribe expelled

-Why I don’t believe in rotation of power –Rimi


-September 14, 1998

-Rotational presidency: Ciroma seeks FG’s intervention

-Afenifere’s exit from APP, a blunder

– Michika


September 16, 1998

-Ojukwu’s PDC, PDP in merger talks

-Obasanjo won’t contest presidential election


-Rotational presidency: Shinkafi seeks politicians’ confab

  • APP sends emissaries to Ige


September 17, 1998

-Adedibu, Nzeribe, others must apologise – Bola Ige

-PDP: Northerners can also contest presidency – Wali

-Presidency: PDP intensifies moves to draft Obasanjo


September 19, 1998

-FG drops charges against Enahoro, Soyinka, others


September 20, 1998

-Presidency: Northern radicals want Yoruba –Yusuf Mamman


September 21, 1998

-No way for regional parties



September 23, 1998

-Presidency: I’m yet to decide – Falae

-Restructure Nigeria before elections  – Southern leaders

-Presidency: Obasanjo is South’s best bet – Atiku


September 24, 1998

-Presidency: Dongoyaro, Abiola’s teacher back Obasanjo

-C’wealth: Democracy’ll restore Nigeria’s membership – Anyaoku

-Obasanjo may opt for APP


September 26, 1998

-Presidency: Family opposes Obasanjo

-AD Leaders disagree with Abubakar


September 27, 1998

-We want Afenifere back – Waziri


September 30, 1998

-AD’s stance on Abacha politicians won’t cost the Presidency –  Adesanya

-Parties oppose registration

-Parties seek timetable amendment




October 1, 1998

-INEC gets N3.5bn

-Ige joins presidential race


October 2, 1998

-Protests greet Abubakar’s broadcast


October 3, 1998

-Bishop attacks Sultan

-Ban Abacha politicians – AD


October 4, 1998

-Ojukwu threatens North

-Lawyers to sue Abubakar over double promotion


October 5, 1998

-No independent Candidate – INEC

-APP fights off Abacha stigma

-Nas challenges Northern elders

-Beware of Nzeribe, PDP chief warns Igbos


October 6, 1998

-INEC can’t alter handover date

– Abubakar

-Falae declares presidential ambition


October 7, 1998

-Shortage of cards may mar registration exercise


October 8, 1998

-Triumphal entry for NADECO exiles


October 9, 1998

-Ige warns Obasanjo against presidency


October 10, 1998

-Major Mustapha seriously ill

-Our lives in exile – Oyegun, Tinubu, Sulleiman


October 11, 1998

-CMAG recommends lifting of sanctions against Nigeria


October 12, 1998

-Ogun govt. renovates Soyinka’s house


October 13, 1998

– Awo’s street in Abuja too obscure

– Kontagora


October 14, 1998

-Registration of voters

  • AD wants INEC probed
  • APP alleges hidden agenda
  • INEC may alter timetable again, says Akpata


October 15, 1998

-EU sanctions to go on Oct. 26

– Spanish envoy


October 16, 1998

-Proposed shift in timetable: FG queries INEC


October 17, 1998

-Don’t lift sanctions on Nigeria

– Soyinka

  • The nation is sick
  • Abubakar confused on constitution


October 18, 1998

-Voters registration ends amidst complaints

-Igbo, Yoruba leaders meet on powershift


October 19, 1998

-INEC names parties today

…As voters registration ends today amidst complaints

– Ige doubts transition


October 20, 1998

-INEC okays AD, APP, PDP

-Over 50% of Southern voters denied registration – Adesanya


October 21, 1998

-AD holds the ace – APP chieftain

-Yorubas sidelined in PDP

-Parties get certificates today


October 22, 1998

-AD promises free education, health

  • as Mama Awo hosts leaders

-FG to prosecute voters’ registration offenders


October 23, 1998

-Registration of parties, a fraud

-Rimi, Ojukwu, others

-FG admits irregularities in voters’ listing


October 24, 1998

-Awo,  my mentor  – Ajanaku

-You cant impose candidates on us

– AD scribe

-Gani was right on transition

-We are out for genuine democracy

– NMGD Boss


October 25, 1998

-Power must shift to South – Dikko

-Tukur okays West for President

-Yoruba in the North are worried


October 26, 1998

-AD’ll rubbish others at poll – Survey


October 27, 1998

-Obasanjo held hostage

  • Denies presidential ambition

-1995 Constitution out Nov 1


October 28, 1998

-AD storms Osun, Ogun

-Obasanjo declares ambition today


October 29, 1998

-We’ll resist poll riggers – Ige

-Obasanjo joins PDP

  • As Asiodu, Etiebet enter presidential race


October 30, 1998

-Afenifere raises alarm over transition

-Transition programmed to fail



October 31, 1998

-Ojukwu under fire

-Northern leaders splits over Obasanjo

… He is no threat – Falae



November 2, 1998

-IBB to join party poilitics

  • Endorses Obasanjo

-Obasanjo’s role in ’79 election indefensible – AD

-LG polls: INEC guidelines out today


November 3, 1998

-LG polls by open-secret ballot

*INEC demands names

*To screen candidates

*Limits age of contestants

-INEC releases parties’ scorecards


November 4, 1998

-Rimi threatens to sue INEC over PRP

-I want to rule again – Obasanjo

-Mixed reactions greet LG polls guidelines

-INEC probes voters’ registration fraud


November 5, 1998

-Another annulment looms

  • Adesanya raises alarm
  • Rejects imposition of Obasanjo

-Mark denies involvement in June 12 annulment


November 6, 1998

-Students declare war on Obasanjo

  • Tell him to keep off Ibadan

-Adesanya tasks Abubakar over Gwarzo’s release

-INEC bows to parties, shuffles admin secretaries


November 8, 1998        

-How Obasanjo stalled AD/APP merger

-Gani, Ola Oni take on Obasanjo

-Students lay ambush for Obasanjo


November 9, 1998

-1995 draft constitution anti-south


-Balarabe wants voters registration cancelled


November 10, 1998

-INEC boss sued over age limit

-Parties demand constitution before LG polls

  • As govt names debate committee


November 11, 1998

-Mammoth crowd welcome AD to Ibadan


November 12, 1998

-Abubakar calls for debate on zoning, others


November 13, 1998

-Obasanjo hijacks PDP with N130m


November 14, 1998

-Abubakar’s hidden agenda exposed

  • Figurehead President
  • Parliamentary govt likely
  • PM from the North

-Military may not hand over on May 29


November 16, 1998

-LG polls to hold with decree



November 17, 1998

-LG polls may shift – Minister


November 18, 1998

-INEC insists on Dec 5

*For LG polls


November 19, 1998

-States receive poll materials


November 20, 1998

-PDP Scribes escape lynching


November 21, 1998

-December 5 polls: There will be rigging, bloodshed


November 23, 1998

-Operation Sweep kills another three

-INEC to meet parties again tomorrow


November 24, 1998

-LG polls: INEC to use party symbols


November 25, 1998

-Parties without candidates can be voted for

-Election decree okays only one VP


November 26, 1998

-Obasanjo’ll destroy transition – Ogun AD

-Election Decree coming


November 27, 1998

-LG Polls: INEC slashes age limit

  • Chairmanship candidate now 30 years
  • Disqualifies 17 in Kwara, 67 in Niger

– AD promises six million jobs


November 29, 1998

-Diya may die shortly after freedom


November 30, 1998

-Elected LG chiefs: Swearing-in date uncertain – Akpata

-AD wants borders closed for polls



December 1, 1998                                 -FG closes borders for LG polls


December 2, 1998         .

-Decrees for LG polls, transition out


December 3, 1998

-Campaign: Akpata frowns at alleged use of ‘presidency’ vehicle by Obasanjo


December 4, 1998

-LG elections: INEC restricts movement


December 5, 1998

-LG poll: Men who will decide victory

-Guber aspirants dies

-AD, PDP, APP sure of victory


December 6, 1998

-Election upset: Obasanjo, Balarabe lose at home

-Adedibu, Etiebet, Mahmud Waziri too

-8 killed in election fracas

  • 6 in Delta, 2 in Ado-Ekiti
  • Rimi escapes mob attack

-AD chairman resigns


December 7, 1998        

-Election results: PDP wins 304 LGs, APP 119, AD 95


December 8, 1998

-APP, PDP woo AD

-Mixed reactions trail elections’ results.

-PDP maintains lead

-LG polls: Monitoring Group scores INEC low

-AD’s registration, crucial to transition –Falae


December 9, 1998

-Transition: APP threatens to pull out


December 10, 1998

-Cancel LG polls – AD Southern leaders

-… APP too, accuses PDP of bribing INEC, police

-APP allegations frivolous – INEC

-INEC announces LG polls results

  • PDP wins 389 councils


December 11, 1998

-We’ll die for democracy – Waziri

-Adedeji, ex-FIFA scribe, escapes attack by gunmen


December 12, 1998

-Bye-election holds today


December 13, 1998

-Tanko Yufuf is a traitor – Adesanya

  • I cant lead a regional party, Tanko replies


Decemebr 14, 1998

-Presidency: LG polls portend danger for Obasanjo –Alayande

-Transition: Accept defeat, don’t withdraw – Gani tells APP


December 15, 1998

-INEC registers PDP, APP, AD

-14 eye governorship seats in Oyo, Osun


December 16, 1998

-Unregistered parties can still function


December 17, 1998

-INEC admits lapses in LG polls


December 18, 1998

-Governorship polls: AD opts for primaries


December 19, 1998

-Why Bamaiyi was removed


December 20, 1998

-Abubakar has disappointed Nigerians – Gbonigi


December 21, 1998

-Probe IBB’s regime, Ayagi tells Abubakar


December 22, 1998

-Violenece mars PDP primaries in Ogun, Oyo, Kwara

-Parties registration barbaric – AD

-Shinkafi clarifies APP’s allegation on rigging

-Pray for INEC’s success – Akpata


December 23, 1998

-Martins-Kuye, Sarumi, Adesina emerge governorship candidates

  • Primaries inconclusive in Lagos


December 24, 1998

-Governorship candidates:

-Osoba, Onu, Abdullahi, Isokari, others win primaries


December, 25, 1998

-AD’s primaries, a charade – Aspirants

  • No victor, no vanquished – Tinubu


December 26, 1998

-Guber candidates you can bet on


December 27, 1998

-1999 Budget will bring succour



December 28, 1998

-Governorship/Assembly polls: Primaries rock parties

-I’m willing to work with Bola Ige, Falae – Saraki


December 29, 1998

-Lagos AD’s crisis deepens

  • It’s Funso Williams – Dawodu
  • No, it’s Bola Tinubu – Adebanjo


Decemebr 30, 1998

-Northern AD Chiefs pick Enahoro

-APP’s governorship candidate in Oyo

-Jan 9 polls: INEC may extend deadline on submission of candidates’s lists

  • Opts for AD
  • Controversy rages on in Lagos, Ondo AD


December 31, 1998

-Lagos AD resolves crisis

  • Williams accepts Tinubu’s candidacy



January 1, 1999

-Alliance: AD doubts APP’s sincerity

-Religious leaders hopeful of better year

-PDP’ll form Unity Govt, says Afolabi


January 4, 1999

-Primaries: PDD chieftains accuses Ciroma of abetting fraud


January 5, 1999

-Presidency: Ekwueme, Rimi to meet

-Parties intensify campaigns for Saturday’s polls


January 6, 1999

-Rigging: Culprits won’t live to witness election results – Bola Ige


January 7, 1999

-INEC postpones elections in Bayelsa


January 8, 1999

-Governorship, Assembly polls hold on Saturday

  • Party chiefs clamour for free, fair election


January 9, 1999

-Plot to win

  • How Obasanjo, Ekwueme, Ige, Saraki will swing votes today

-Those who want to be governors


January 10, 1999

-Governors emerge

  • Tinubu, Akande, Lam Adesina, Adefarati in early lead

-AD, PDP boycott polls in Ogoniland

-Guber aspirant’s wife, others arrested


January 11, 1999

-PDP sweeps governorship poll

  • PDP 14, AD 6, APP 6

-Tinubu, Osoba, Lawal, Igbinedion speak

January 12, 1999

-FG, Anyaoku satisfied with Saturday’s polls

-Rivers governorship election inconclusive

-I was rigged out – Lamido


January 13, 1999

-INEC releases results

  • PDP 19, APP 19, AD 6

-Constitution: FG may drop rotational presidency


January 14, 1999

-Bayelsa ready for governorship, assembly polls

-PDP jittery over proposed APP/AD alliance

-Olowoporoku’s wife docked for electoral malpractice


January 15, 1999

– Afenifere gives conditions for AD/APP alliance

-Etiebet joins Presidential race, seeks concession to South-South.


Jan 17

-Presidency: Ekwueme, Iwuanyanwu not endorsed


Jan 18, 1999

-Presidency: Council of states opposes rotation


Jan 19, 1999

-AD-APP Aliance : PDP is finished

– Mamman Yusuf

-Lagos,  Kano tops Federal constituencies list


Jan 20, 1999

-FG probes fake ballot papers

– Presidency: Middle Belt PDP in crucial talks


January 21, 1999

-Presidency: I won’t step down   – Ekwueme

-Carter arrives to assess transition programme


January 22, 1999

-APP wants power-sharing in constitution

-Yoruba won’t secede    – Ige

-Carter meets Obasanjo, others

-INEC releases presidential, National Assembly polls guidelines


January 29, 1999

-Power shift: Groups lambast Northern elders




February 1, 1999          

-Yakassai condemns Danjumas’ threat

  • Over Obasanjo’s presidential bid


February 2, 1999

-Presidency: Falae, Ezeife vie for AD ticket

-PDP splits over Obasanjo, Ekwueme

-Bayelsa poll: APP rejects results


February 3, 1999

-Politicians stick to rotation

-Shagari backs power shift


February 4, 1999

-Bomb rocks PDP primaries

-APP in disarray

-Waziri exco dissolved

-Ojukwu, Saraki suspended


February 5, 1999

-Falae gets AD’s final nod. •Beats Ezeife 62 to 8

-AD, APP governors-elect back alliance


February 6, 1999

-AD/APP Alliance: INEC rejects joint logo

-INEC backs  Waziri, court restrains Saraki


February 7, 1999

-Ige to lead Falae’s campaign in South-West


February 8, 1999

-How Falae can win North

-Presidency: INEC raises panel to screen candidates

-Balarabe, Kusamotu blast INEC

-AD/APP forge ahead


February 9, 1999

-Transition: FG appeals against boycott

-Handover panel set up

-Parties, INEC trade blames

-AD, APP insist on alliance


February 10, 1999

-INEC can’t stop AD-APP alliance

-Michika, Yakassai, Adesanya


February 11, 1999

-5,000 delegated for APP convention

-Tinubu blasts INEC, explains AD-APP pact

-INEC clarified stand


February 12, 1999

-PDP drops Rimi, Akinloye, others

-Presents Southern aspirant


February 13, 1999

-PDP Convention: Generals set for war

-Lar call for prayer

-How delegates will vote

-Saraki goes to court, may be barred from conventon


February 14, 1999

-Obasanjo, Ekwueme must accept defeat

  • Must take the result of the primaries in good faith

– Lar

-Akpata threatened to resign

-Doubts over APP’s Convention


February 15, 1999

-APP picks Onu

-I was betrayed like Awo – Ige speaks on Falae’s nomination


February 16, 1999

-AD/APP adopt Falae

-How Obasanjo won

-Toye Coker Mbang, Wada Nas, others react

February 17, 1999

-AD-APP: Onu protests

-Shinkafi named Falae’s VP

-Obasanjo picks Atiku


February 18, 1999

-INEC clears Falae, Obasanjo

  • Overrules Ogbonnaya Onu
  • Plans bye-election in Adamawa

-AD, APP may seek shift in election dates

-Decrees on presidential, Assembly polls ready


February 19, 1999

-We’ve been cheated – Yoruba leaders

-No crack in AD – Ige


February 20, 1999

-Assembly seat, Mko’s daughter, 8 generals in hot battle

-APP sacks Saraki, Ojukwu, Ikimi


February 21, 1999

-Low turn-out marks eletions

-Falae fails to vote

-We chose Falae for June 12 – Kusamotu


February 22, 1999

-Assembly polls: Joe Garba, Opadokun, Adeleke crashout

-AD win in Enugu

-I leave everything to God – Saraki


February 23, 1999

-Senate: PDP wins 56 seats

  • AD- APP wins 41 seats
  • AD wins in Bayelsa

-INEC clears Shinkafi

  • Denies financial aid from EU


February 24, 1999

-Presidency to spend 4 years in office

-Falae declines debate

-Igbo group supports Falae


February 25, 1999

-TV Debate: We suspect consipiracy  – Falae group

-Yoruba’ll vote for me – Obasanjo

-Saraki declares for Obasanjo

  • Disowned by APP governors-elect


February 26, 1999

-Falae,  Obasanjo round off campaigns

-Carter okays AD-APP alliance

  • Decries absence of constitution

-INEC stops presidential debate


February 28, 1999

-Atiku, Waziri in war of words




March 1, 1999

-Obasanjo leads

  • INEC to declare winner today

-Election was a farce – Falae

-Polls fraught with fraud – Carter, EU, TMG, others

-APP agents reject results: Withdraw from collation of votes


March 2, 1999

-Obasanjo declared winner

  • C’Wealth, world leaders greet him

-Carter writes INEC over electoral fraud

-Falae, Shinkafi reject results


March 3, 1999

-Obasanjo pledges open govt

-APP meets today


March 4, 1999  

-Obasanjo’s election: Afenifere sues for peace

-I’ll alleviate poverty –  Obasanjo


March 5, 1999

-I thank God –  Diya

-Adesanya, Akinjide, Rimi, others hail Diya’s release


March 6, 1999  

-Freed coup plotters arrive in style


March 7, 1999

-AD to release own polls results

-I won’t avenge, Obasanjo assured persecutors


March 8, 1999

-Diya gets rousing reception at Odogbolu


March 9, 1999  

-Why Falae must go to court Nwabueze


March 10, 1999

-I’ll challenge Obasanjo’s eletion – Falae


March 11, 1999

-Presidential polls latest:

-G.O.K, 11 others to appear for Falae


March 12, 1999

-Obasanjo warns lobbyists

-Falae may file petition today


March 13, 1999

-Obasanjo hires top Pastors

  • To cleanse Aso Rock


March 14, 1999

-Obasanjo: AD/APP leaders move to reconcile


March 15, 1999

-I’m under pressure – Falae

  • Files petition today

-Falae declines comments on Obasanjo, Gwadabe’s frame-up

-AD chiefs may mediate truce


March 16, 1999

-Obasanjo not qualified – Falae

  • Filed five-point petition
  • Says he’s Ogboni


March 17, 1999

-Fracas at PDP Secretariat  •20 injured

-Soyinka backs Falae court’s action

  • Says it’s national service


March 18, 1999

-Falae wants to quiz Akpata

  • Off to Britain

-Obasanjo’s lawyers get notice of petition


March 19, 1999

-Five-man panel to hear Falae’s petition

-APP, INEC to appeal ruling on Adamawa bye- election

-Clinton invited to Obasanjo’s swearing-in


March 20, 1999

-Obasanjo gets N25m bill

-Crusade to save the nation


March 21, 1999

-Exposed: Obasanjo’s agenda on Diya, others

  • Asked Abubakar to mount surveillance on them
  • Recommended shut-up order
  • Reconciles with Abiola family


March 22, 1999

-Obasanjo-Falae: Legal battle begins

-Court annuls Bauchi government poll


March 23, 1999

-Obasanjo-Falae: Judge withdraws

-Obasanjo declares assets


March 24, 1999

-Akpata gives Falae conditions

  • For inspecting ballot papers


March 25, 1999

-Idiagbon dies at 55

  • A soldier’s soldier


March 26, 1999

-Buhari weeps at Idiagbon’s burial

-Idiagbon was a statesman:  Babangida

-I’m not Ogboni,  Obasanjo


March 27, 1999

-Idiagbon’s last days

  • How he quit old habits

-Battle with lobbysts: Stormy days ahead for Obasanjo


March 28, 1999

-Ballot paper inspection: Falae team barred in Niger State


March 29, 1999

-Obasanjo-Falae: Court rules on jurisdiction today


March 30, 1999

-Obasanjo-Falae: Ruling likely next week

…Court limits evidence to persons named in petition


March 31, 1999

-Obasanjo-Falae: Court admits rice, gari, salt as exhibits

-Falae’s petition puts Nigeria at crossroads





April 1, 1999

-Falae wants sitting extended

  • Asks to quiz obasanjo


April 2, 1999                

-Judge accused G.O.K of blackmail

-Falae closes case

  • Can’t quiz Obasanjo


April 3, 1999                

-Obasanjo disowns rice, garri

-Senate presidency divided Igbo


April 4, 1999                

-No full pardon for Obasanjo – G.O.K

-Falae can’t prove Ogboni, rigging charges – Afe Babalola


April 5, 1999                

-Obasanjo – Falae: Today is D-day


April 6, 1999                

-Falae’s petition dismissed

-We’ll go to Supreme Court – G.O.K


April 7, 1999                

-Falae may not appeal – G.O.K

-Obasanjo hails court ruling


April 8, 1999                

-AD/APP ‘ll decide on appeal – Falae

  • AD Chieftains divided


April 9, 1999

-Why I rejected Senate Presidency, says Ekwueme


April 10, 1999              

-Why we lost – Falae’s lawyer


April 11, 1999              

-Falae drops appeal against Obasanjo’s victory


April 12, 1999              

-Obasanjo’s election a coup – Falae

  • I leave everything to God – Falae


April 13, 1999  

-Ige seeks  S/African types of govt


April 14, 1999  

-Let legislators decide on national govt – Gowon


April 15, 1999              

-APP keen on national govt


April 16, 1999              

-PRC adopts 1979 constitution

-Our stand on National Govt – AD


April 17, 1999              

-We won’t create new local governments – Abubakar


April 18, 1999  

-Obasanjo may inherit N3,600b debt


April 19, 1999              

-Obasanjo backs from world tour


April 20, 1999              

-AD bars members from Obasanjo’s govt


April 21, 1999  

-Aluko may serve in Obasanjo’s govt.

-Senate: PDP legislators–elect back South-East


April 22, 1999              

-Senate Presidency still for South-East


April 23, 1999  

-PDP hasn’t zoned Senate presidency – Afolabi


April 24, 1999              

-Who becomes Obasanjo’s finance minister?

-Obasanjo, Falae meet on May 14


April 25, 1999              

-I’ll fight for Yoruba nation – Bola Ige

-North, South battle for SGF


April 26, 1999  

-Obasanjo calls for ministerial nominees


April 27, 1999  

-Northern PDP senators-elect insist on Senate Presidency

  • S-East senator-elect okay Okadigbo


April 28, 1999              

-Anyaoku opposes reforms at Commonwealth


April 29, 1999              

-PDP may pick Senate president next week


April 30, 1999              

-Governors-elect attack Abubakar

-Ekwueme’s panel yet to decide on Senate Presidency

-South-South legislators insists on Senate Presidency




May 1, 1999     

-Shock awaits Rimi, Nwobodo

…How Obasanjo will choose cabinet


May 2, 1999                 

-Igbo should unite over Senate presidency

-N/West picks speaker of N/Assembly


May 3,  1999                

-Obasanjo’s government: Progressives can participate

-Lar okays IBB for PDP chairmanship


May 4, 1999                 

-Obasanjo promises ADB greater backing

May 5 1999                  

-FG promulgates constitution

-PDP loses Adamawa


May 6, 1999                 

-PDP won’t contest ruling on Adamawa

-Abubakar signs decree backing 1999 constitution


May 7, 1999                 

-Oil workers begin strike

-Adamawa: PDP accepts court verdicts


May 8, 1999                 

-Berger renovates Abubakar’s home … in Minna


May 9, 1999                 

-Saraki is too quarrelsome, says Yakassai

-Obasanjo’s installation: FG prunes foreign invitees


May 10, 1999               

-I’m prepared to step on toes – Obasanjo

-Senate presidency: No consensus yet – Ume Ezeoke


May 11, 1999               

-PDP factions in violent clash – Knives, cutlasses freely used

-Don’t panic over worse economy



May12, 1999                

– AD gives condition for joining national government

-PDP decides on Senate presidency on Friday


May 13, 1999               

-Abubakar speaks on Mustapha

  • Passes case to Obasanjo


May 14, 1999               

-Obasanjo may decide Mustapha’s fate  – Abubakar

-EMU rejects constitution


May 15, 1999               

-Supreme court okays Adamawa deputy governor


May 16, 1999               

-Obasanjo’s detention good for the prisons

-Incredible: Mustapha fears being killed


May 17, 1999               

-I didn’t loot – Abubakar


May 18, 1999               

-Obasanjo not dead

  • Riots in Lagos
  • Calm at Bakare’s church


May 19, 1999               

-I’m alive – Obasanjo

-Riots in Lagos over Obasanjo


May 20, 1999   

-Yoruba elders reject constitution


May 21, 1999               

-PDP okays South-East

  • For Senate Presidency
  • N/West gets speakership


May 22, 1999               

-Cabinet list splits PDP

-Obasanjo’s sister slumps – over death rumour

-Carrington, wife arrive for May 29


May 23, 1999               

-Abubakar encourages looting

– El-Zakzaky

-Abuja Archbishop warns on Sharia, constitution


May 24, 1999               

-Obasanjo’s prophesy: I stand by my prophesy – Bakare

-Abubakar not better than Abacha

– Oyelese


May 25, 1999               

-Looting: Abubakar insults Nigerians

-Balarabe Musa


May 27, 1999               

-Why we chose May 29 – Abubakar

-OPC rejects Constitution


May 28, 1999               

-Obasanjo heads for Aso Rock

-World leaders arrive for hand-over

– Clinton, Blair, Chirac not coming


May 29, 1999

-Falae may not attend

-The road to Aso Rock

-A new dawn


May 30, 1999

-Democracy: Glorious beginning as Obasanjo, governors take over.

-Obasanjo talks tough

-Service Chiefs, others appointed

-I want to succeed Obasanjo as president – Sinatu Ojikutu

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