FEBRUARY 15-28, 2005 historic headlines


February 15, 2005

-Ben Gbulie declared that Ojukwu ruined them (Biafran Army) during the Nzeogwu coup


February 16, 2005

-Senate makes u-turn, backs confab

  • PRONACO members disagree on confab

-National Confab: FG names Soyinka, Enahoro

  • Niki Tobi, Ojukwu’s name missing



February 17, 2005

-Soyinka, Enahoro vow not to be part of the National Dialogue

-Swiss govt returns N64b Abacha loot

-Don’t encroach on my functions

  • Obasanjo warns Senate


February 18, 2005

-National Confab: OBJ blasts Soyinka, Usman

  • We won’t be intimated –Soyinka

-25 banks in advance fee fraud –CBN

-Togolese president visits Nigeria

  • OBJ insists he can’t rule



February 19, 2005

-David West blasts Obasanjo over doctored Abia list

-National Dialogue: North set for war

  • Atiku sidelined


February 20, 2005

-Soyinka blasts Obasanjo over spending N1bn on confab

  • As Abuja received delegates


February 21, 2005

-North, South divided

  • As confab begins today
  • We have no agenda

-Gen. Adisa in auto crash

  • Flown abroad


February 22, 2005

-Mustapha, Bamaiyi and Danbaba shout and walk out on judge

-EFCC recovers N128b from fraudsters

-OBJ gives confab no-go areas

  • Federalism, break-up of Nigeria, federal character, others


February 23, 2005

-External Reserve of the country hits $20bn

  • As N1,000 note to be introduced in July

-National Dialogue: Tobi angry over preparation

  • North considers resource control



February 24 2005

-Chief Lambert alleged Senate President, Adolphus Wabara of forged tax receipt

-Anxiety over Adisa

-Govs plot against LGs


February 25 2005

-Obasanjo detains Shonekan at airport

  • the latter was confined to an aircraft for 50 minutes


February 26 2005

-Gen. AbdulkarimAdisa dies after complicated injuries he sustained in a road accident

  • We lost a fighter –IBB group

-Confab ploy to mislead Nigerians –Enahoro




February 27 2005

-Adisa’s body arrives

  • Burial today

-Why OBJ moved fast on National Dialogue

  • As S/West adopts FG’s agenda


February 28 2005

-Chekwas Okorie bombs Ojukwu, says ‘You are an ingrate

… If I open my mouth about him, I will have a lot to say’

-IBB weeps at Adisa’s burial

-National Dialogue: Delegates angry over N20,000 allowance

  • we are funding confab –FG

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